"Prue works with diligence, authenticity and great attention to detail. She is a clear communicator and a gifted creative talent. Prue sets high standards for herself, and delivers."

Annabel O'Flynn
307C Design Studio

"Prue is a highly versatile, creative individual with an extraordinary attention to detail - a joy to work with in many ways."

Leonie Lane
Booyong Design



"Custom made and absolutely gorgeous. Exactly what I wanted! Love it. Super quick with the order, and great communications with Prue."


"The texture is beautiful, they look gorgeous and I love that there are so many! Not to mention that the gold ones are amazing."

Paige X. Cho

"These are excellent and have made this renting decorator very happy!"



Illustrator, One + One Filmmakers Journal, UK
Photographer and Videographer, Evoke Dance and Theatre Company, Brisbane
Book Jacket Designer, D.L.Cobray, USA
Technical Illustrator, Blackbird Bar and Grill, Gale and Vallance, Brisbane
Catalogue Designer, Transit, SCU, Lismore
Curator, Window of Opportunity, Lismore City Council, Lismore
Illustrator, Things that Changed other Things, Brooklyn Library NY, USA
Designer and Builder, Tower of Babel Game, Light ‘n’ Up, Woodford
Illustrator, Alfalfa Betty and the Isle of Spaghetti, Frock ‘n’ Lawrence, Lismore
Illustrator, A Space for Optimism, Light ‘n’ Up, Lismore
Set and Costume Designer, Moreland Theatre Company, Melbourne